Terry Shaughnessy at La Caterina Marbella

Terry Shaughnessy Live At La Caterina Marbella 21st November

Terry Shaughnessy Live At La Caterina 21st November

Don’t miss this one off night with the Universal’s Terry Shaughnessy performing an intimate acoustic set at the best micro brewery in town

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The Universal Unplugged at the Cudeca Festival For Life from Marbella Plus TV on Vimeo.

The best scallops in town

Zozoi, Marbella, A True Foodie Magnet

Nestled in the heart of the Marbella Old Town Zozoi, Marbella a true foodie magnet

Anti Pasti at Zozoi Marbella
Anti Pasti at Zozoi Marbella

Now as a trained chef and confirmed wine addict (not wino, now that’s something completely different) I am an extremely hard man to please and sadly a lot of restaurants in Marbella fail to excite me on so many levels.

This brings me to Zozoi in the Old Town of Marbella. Superlative on all levels. Great food. Great wine and the kind of service normally reserved for only the finest Michelin establishments.

Talking of Michelin restaurants. I will never be impressed with a 40€ bowl of Tomato Soup that took four chefs to prepare and is gone in two shlurps, leaving me to look for the closest kebab shop, to stave of the hunger pangs. Or having paid a fortune for my 2 ounce slice of Kobe Beef with not enough sauce to drown an ant.

Time and time again I find myself wandering through the Old Town of Marbella in search of new culinary delights, only to rest my weary and hungry arse in the cosy confines of the walled patio of Zozoi Marbella. There I know the wine will be fine, the flavours fantastic, and I wont be left with a bill that could finance the USA’s next military march into the Middle East.

Zozoi Marbella
You don’t have to go to Japan to enjoy good sushi

Belgian owned and run means of course, that the Moules Marinere are of the finest quality, as are the obligatory fries. And that’s just to graze on whilst you choose between simply the best tuna tartar or smoked venison carpacchio to start your evening. The tempura prawns, anti pasti and sushi also come highly recommended.

Sea Bass, one of my favorite fish can be found whole or “slightly wild”. I’m not quite sure what that means… But I had it this evening and and it seemed quite happy with its lot, lying on my plate with some creamed spinach, baby carrots and asparagus.

I don’t really do steak these days, purely on a health thing but, this evening I asked my neighboring diners, from Aberdeenshire (and if they don’t know what good beef is, nobody does), how their filet steaks were and they told me they had it here last night too… Enough said.

I have said many times, never spoil a good meal with a cheap wine and never ruin a good wine with poor food. Well, not all cheap wine is poor wine and not all expensive food is good food. You will have no problems here. I have tried all the wines and every thing on the menu apart from the deep fried Courgette flowers. And in any combination my two rules will remain unbroken.

The wine list at Zozoi has a great cross section of wines to suit all tastes and budgets. From the crispest  Albariños, (and if you haven’t had a bottle of this most amazing of of Northen Spanish wines then you truly have missed out), to France with it’s Sancerre, Bordeaux and Pouilly Fusse.  Pino Grigio from Italy and my personal favorites from Ribera del Duero, to the most amazing Sauvignon Blanc from Malborough Estates. The Kiwis don’t just play rugby you know…

Kim Crawford Malborough Estates Sauvignon Blanc
Malborough Estates at it’s best

So as the season slows down and the flocks of tourists thin out, now is the time to make friends with Zozoi. Dine well, wine well and still have change for the taxi home. If you drive home you are either teetotal, the designated driver or your just plain boring, in which case there’s a great kebab house just around the corner…

Zozoï Restaurant is located in the Old Town of Marbella, just off Plaza Altamirano, a few blocks away from the Main Church Square.

Convenient parking: Either on Calle Muro to the East, under the Parque Alameda to the South, or right off Orange Square to the North West.

Zozoi is open all year, and you really should book . Please submit a request using the Reservations Request box on our contact page or call +34 952 85 88 68.

Open everyday, 19:00 until 24:00.



Operating Naked a Black Bag Job

New Spy Drama To Be Filmed In Marbella

New Spy Drama To Be Filmed In Marbella

New Spy Drama To Be Filmed In Marbella

Leading TV production company Wanda Halcyon Television of Europe have announced that their latest political thriller “Operating Naked – A Black-Bag Job,” by espionage author Jon Augustine will be filmed in Marbella, Toronto and Washington DC.

This edge-of-your-seat drama about US operatives during the controversial impeachment hearings from 1997-1999, is based on the author’s clandestine days as a Special Operations officer in the US Army Intelligence Support Activity (USAISA), and is a fictional account of real life events, many of which occurred in Marbella.

The show’s author, Jon Augustine, whose credits include the US Television hit show “Burn Notice” (2007-2013), is a former spy and USAISA officer. This top-secret Special Operations Unit collects actionable intelligence for counter-terrorist operations and their operatives are legendary for their self-reliance and specialized skill-set.

“Black-bag jobs” are clandestine operations to obtain information – sometimes illegally, but always highly dangerous. A critical part of the story arc takes place in Marbella, where the main protagonist interacts with members of Syrian Intelligence prior to the world trade terrorist attack. Marbella acts as a modern day “Casablanca” for many factions of spies in this riveting espionage thriller.
Pat Andrew, Showrunner for Wanda Halcyon explains; “This is an exciting and relevant espionage story of political intrigue, subterfuge and murder, all taking place during the US impeachment hearings held in the 1990s, which gives the viewer an insiders’ look at espionage and political intrigue on a global scale.”
Marbella will be the base not only for much of the action, but also for the production, creating jobs and offering exciting opportunities for Marbella residents. The production team are currently casting for lead roles and location scouting. Casting for supporting parts will take place in November.
Wanda Halcyon Television of Europe, which is majority owned by Wanda Shanghai Inc, acquired the rights to produce the television series for worldwide distribution in 2014 and have expressed their excitement about living and working in the beautiful town of Marbella.

Spanish Rallycross Championship Comes To Malaga

Spanish Rallycross Championship Comes To Malaga

Spanish Rallycross Championship Comes To Malaga

Campeonato de España de Rallyes de Tierra

La Trocha, Coin’s oddly shaped shopping centre near Marbella, became the “Parc fermé” for the 7th and final round of the Campeonato de España de Rallyes de Tierra (Rallycross)

There were two stages this weekend for rally fans to get over exited about, one from Cartama to Almogia and the other near Coin, starting somewhere and ending nowhere, and as always with this sport the course was littered with spectators generally standing on the opposite corner to the one they should. The first car around the bend imediatly remedied this issue, spraying the onlookers with chippings and the odd hefty rock as it thundered past and sent the masses speinting across the gravel track to the correct side of the road.Campeonato de España de Rallyes de Tierra

Of course, as in all motorsport, the fastest and most powerful get to go first, which is where the powerful Mitsubusis came in, thrilling the spectators with their noise and stone throwing abilities. Sadly after the big boys had past it was time for the lower class motors, which are a little disapointing after the Japanese Titans have warped through, so much so that one poor little Dacia crawled past, rasing a chuckle or two from the crowd.

Now full blown WRC this is not, and I have to say I didn’t see any budding Mäkinens or McRaes roaring around the Andalucian olive groves, but great fun to watch, a good excuse to be out in the countryside, and if you are a happless Chelsea supporter, a good place to hide.

Campeonato de España de Rallyes de Tierra

The 7th and last round of the Campeonato de España de Rallyes de Tierra was won by Malaga driver Allex Villanueva (Mitsubishi), with his navigator Óscar Sánchez.


Spandau Ballet A3

Spandau Ballet Exclusive Show in Marbella 21st August 2015

Spandau Ballet Exclusive Show in Marbella 21st August 2015

spandau ballet, marbella, august 21

Spandau Ballet announce an exclusive show adding Marbella to their SOULBOYS OF THE WESTERN WORLD TOUR. The show takes place at the exclusive Tennis Club Puente Romano Hotel on the 21st August in Marbella, Malaga.

The tour in Spain commenced a few days ago in Madrid with other dates including Bilbao the Festival of Music in the Gardens of Barcelona Pedralbes over the weekend.
Their only concert in the South of Spain, will be one of the last events of the summer, in the Puente Romano Tennis Club. Tickets go on sale on the 23rd June through the usual outlets – see below for more information.
For information or tickets please call our hotline number – Tel. 664 475 590.
Spandau Ballet are one of the great iconic bands in Britain. They have sold over 25 million albums, with numerous multi-platinum albums and 23 single-hits accumulated worldwide.
Since their humble beginnings as a group of friends with dreams of stardom in the early 70´s, it wasn´t long before they became members of the iconic Blitz Club and established as one of the supergroups of the 80s. The band reunited and embarked on their first tour in 2009 following two decades apart .
On the heels of the highest grossing film in England with Soulboys Of The Western World, largely praised by critics and distributed throughout Europe, Spandau Ballet announced their live return with a long European tour that began last March. Their first return since 2009, which last saw the band on the Reformation Tour. Once again, Spandau Ballet prove themselves to be one of the UK´s strongest and timeless bands.
Last September “Soulboys Of The Western World” was premiered at the Royal Albert Hall, selling out all tickets. The London premiere united the band on stage for the first time since 2010, playing classics that have created the soundtrack of a generation. This unique event was broadcast via satellite to hundreds of cinemas in the UK and Ireland, celebrating the bands return to the Royal Albert Hall for the first time since True was released in April 1983.
Worldwide press were unanimous in criticism and praise for this innovative event.
All this coincides with the release of the album The Story, The Very Best of Spandau Ballet featuring all the hits of the band, plus three new songs produced by legendary producer Trevor Horn, including the radio hit This Is The Love and next single Steal.

Tickets on sale from Tuesday 23rd June – 10am

Ticketmaster: www.ticketmaster.es, 902150025, FNAC, Carrefour & Halcón Viajes.

El Corte Inglés: www.elcorteingles.es/entradas, 902444222 and instore.

Ticket Hotline: 664475590


Numbered Floor VIP PL1 : 225 €
Numbered Floor VIP PL2: 140 €
Numbered Lower Tier: 130 €
Numbered Upper Tier: 90 €

Ferne McCann, Life on Marbs, marbella

Ferne McCann Cameo In Life On Marbs

Ferne McCann cameo in Life on Marbs

Ferne McCann, Life on Marbs, marbella

Towie’s Ferne McCann jetted in from Cannes last week to make a cameo appearance in ITV’s latest reality show, the cleverly named Life on Marbs

Filming in the Sissu Boutique Hotel in Marbella, the Towie celebrity seemed less than happy having her photographs taken whilst she lounged around in the Marbella sun with some of Marbella’s hopeful “celebrities”.

Life on Marbs is an unscripted reality show which I have on good authority will paint Marbella in a good light, but having watched a few filming sequences I find this very doubtful. More of the trashy reality TV that we have come to expect from Lime Pictures.

How on earth will Marbella get back to being known as a classy Mediterranean resort when it’s portrayed by the UK TV as nothing better than an expensive version of Magaluf?

Of course nice story lines of happy ex pats doesn’t sell so we will have to suffer train wreck TV for some time to come unless they all bugger off somewhere else.

Oh and Fern, here’s a tip, when the cameras are out, smile, you will come out a lot better…

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Sunborn Casino Launch Gibraltar

Lady Luck is Resident in Gibraltar!

Lady Luck is Resident in Gibraltar!
Sunborn Casino Gibraltar©Johnny Gates

The Grand Opening of Casino Sunborn, held on Saturday 16th May aboard the five star super yacht hotel, Sunborn Gibraltar, in Ocean Village proved to be a massive success and a night to remember for both guests and hosts.

Guests were greeted with a glass of champagne and the opportunity to pose for a photo with the glamorous showgirls taken by Marbella’s very own top photographer, Johnny Gates, who snapped all the arrivals in true Oscars style on the red carpet. Sunborn Executive Director Hans Niemi along with Jukka Nikula from Paf received guests at the top of the gangway and warmly welcomed them to the evening’s special event. VIP guests included Gibraltar’s lovely Miss World, plus footballers David Bentley and Stephen Carr. Gunilla Nordlund (wife of Åland Finance Minister) also had the pleasure in welcoming and registering the first guest as a member of the casino.

Guests gathered in Sunborn’s Aurora ballroom to listen to some traditional Spanish guitar music whilst enjoying free flowing drinks and a sensational buffet provided by the Sunborn’s five star chefs. Dinner was followed by brief speeches by Casino Manager Dominick Stenson, Sunborn Executive Director Hans Niemi and Åland Finance Minister, Roger Nordlund.

The Marbella Big Band and its Rat Pack show then took to the stage and gave a performance worthy of Vegas itself! The grand finale of “New York, New York” complete with showgirls, received a standing ovation from a delighted audience. A live DJ, saxophonist, violinist and card magician also performed throughout the evening and a laser show beamed out across the bay for all Gibraltar to see.

Later in the evening, the casino became the focus of everyone’s attention, with hubs of activity around the tables and slot machines. Dominick Stenson (Casino Manager) Ian Radford (La Sala) and David Bentley (Footballer) took the first spin on the roulette table to start the evenings play. The excitement and tension was palpable and even those guests who weren’t playing gathered round the tables to see how Lady Luck would treat those who were putting their chips down.

It was a great start to Casino Sunborn’s commitment to being a major Gibraltar entertainment attraction and further confirms the Sunborn super yacht hotel’s reputation as a leading Gibraltar destination. It seems Lady Luck is favouring Gibraltar: it’s time to visit Casino Sunborn and get to know her better.

For more information visit
or email

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Vega Colorado050

Local Government provides documentary evidence that the Marbella Town Council “has not altered any border with Benahavís”

Local Government provides documentary evidence that the Marbella Town Council “has not altered any border with Benahavís”


Municipal spokesperson, Félix Romero, today disproved with official documents the “lies, manipulation and deceit being undertaken by opposition parties and the platform on borders between Marbella and Benahavís”.

Following a Local Government meeting, Romero exhibited documentation that shows that the current local Executive “has not altered any border with the neighbouring municipality and that the proposal for alteration comes from the competent Administration which, in this case, is the Junta de Andalucía”.
In addition, he pointed out that the dossier approved by the Junta de Andalucía and to which the Town Council meeting gave its approval “recognises a pre-existing reality dating back at least to the year 1978”.
“We are aware that the borders in relation to which the opposition and the platform are seeking to create confusion were clearly defined in the year 1978 thanks to a certificate which literally states that according to municipal records the estate called El Colorado, property of Mr Pedro Flores García, is totalled sited within the municipality of Benahavís”, he explained.
Said document, dated 11th of November of 1978, is accompanied by another land-related document, from the State’s Cartographic and Cadastral Institute, which establishes the afore-mentioned borders and also includes an allegation presented to the General Town Ordinance Plan (PGOU) of 1986 which was comprehensively considered and approved “by the PSOE mayor José Luis Rodríguez”.
“Also forming part of that Local Government team was the current person linked to Izquierda Unida, Andrés Cuevas, or Rafael García Conde, now member of the platform and who, therefore, have been aware of this issue since that time”, he noted.
“These documents show that modification of the borders is not a current issue, as the opposition or platform parties are trying to make it appear”, stated Romero, who pointed out that in 2010, following approval of the current PGOU on the part of the Junta, this same autonomous administration established the need to alter the file in which the borders appear and which do not reflect the reality”, said Romero.
The councillor indicated that the dossier from which the opposition are trying to obtain an electoral advantage “was officially lobbied by the Junta de Andalucía, and it is precisely that process that culminated in a report from the Andalusian Government which proposes the modification of municipal borders, in a document dated 23rd of July of 2014”.
The councillor reproached “the farce being whipped up by political parties who have no alternatives to propose to our citizens and who are being backed by a platform without any credibility, some of the members of which actually participated in the vote that approved the pre-existing borders”.
“The only thing that the Town Council and the Governing Team have tried to do from the very beginning is to fulfil their obligation to collaborate and to facilitate pertinent information to the only Administration legally entitled to change the borders between municipalities, in this case the Junta de Andalucía”, he concluded.

Why We Love September in the Masai Mara

Why We Love September in the Masai Mara

September days start with gorgeous mornings and warm midday’s temperatures rising to around 30 degrees Celsius.

Why We Love September in the Masai Mara
©Patrick Reynolds

We sometimes receive scattered rain showers in the late afternoon and evenings. With scattered rain comes wildflowers like the tissue paper flowers (Cycnium Tubolosum), fireball lilies (Scadoxus multilorus) with their brilliant reds and pyjama lilies (crinum macowanii) with their white and purple stripes bring flashes of colour to the plains.

The wildebeest migration remains on the plains of the Mara with dense concentrations of wildebeest and zebra covering the plains. They spread out during the day to graze coming together in tight herds for safety at night. We often look out over the plains from Governors Camp and see thousands and thousands of wildebeest. River crossings are plentiful from a handful of zebra to a few thousand wildebeest. Crocodiles still take a few although most have now had their fill and watch contently from the riverbank.

Why We Love September in the Masai Mara
©David Francombe

Dung beetles of all colours and sizes are buys trying to clear up what the wildebeest have left behind as are the termites. All in turn providing a feast for birds, aardvarks, aardwolves, bat-eared foxes and mongooses.

Why We Love September in the Masai Mara
©Johnny Gates

Elephant are frequent visitors to camp, often arriving at Little Governors Camp at lunchtime leaving staff to usher guests to a safe distance away as the elephant families move through camp. Giraffe move up to the acacia woodlands, the large buffalo herd with their young spend their time between the Marsh and the ridge.

Why We Love September in the Masai Mara
©Johnny Gates

Many of the antelope species begin mating with males seen rutting and asserting their territories. This mating is designed to time with the antelopes birth at the start of the long rains at the end of March, which gives the young new lush grass to feed on and taller grass to hide in. Resident baboons spend their time feeding on the roadside verges. Warthogs and their piglets are seen all over the grasslands. Ostriches sit on their eggs (normally around 20 eggs) with the females guarding the eggs during the day and the males at night.

The marsh prides of lions remain and the core of their territory close to Governors Camp, hunting at night and relaxing during the day. The Paradise pride stays close to the river often hiding in the croton bushes near to the crossing sites ready to ambush unsuspecting wildebeest and zebra on one occasion a lioness killed 5 wildebeest from her ambush site.Why We Love September in the Masai Mara

As if timed to perfection to coincide with a time of plenty on the plains all of the big cats have cubs. There are lots of lions cubs in the Marsh Pride; we enjoy sightings of leopards in the forests between the Governors family of camps sometimes with a cub in tow and mother cheetahs emerge from their den sites with multiple cubs.

Why We Love September in the Masai Mara
©Johnny Gates

Eurasian Bee eaters fly high in fairly large flocks. Lilac Breasted Rollers feed off large brown grasshoppers in the grass on the open plains. Black Shouldered Kites, Tawny Eagles and Bateleur Eagles are all commonly seen on the plains. Marsh owls are often seen in the late mornings and evenings with Verreaux Eagle Owl and Spotted Eagle Owls being seen in the woodland areas.

Corona Dental Lab Hold the Inauguration of their new Cad Cam Department and the first ultrasonic DMG 10 machine ”in house” in a laboratory in Spain.

Corona Dental Lab Hold the Inauguration of their new Cad Cam Department and the first ultrasonic DMG 10 machine ”in house” in a laboratory in Spain.

Corona Dental Lab Hold the Inauguration of their new Cad Cam Department and the first ultrasonic DMG 10 machine ”in house” in a laboratory in Spain.

 Corona Dental Lab Hold the Inauguration of their new Cad Cam Department and the first ultrasonic DMG 10 machine ”in house” in a laboratory in Spain.

More than 130 people gathered to enjoy the presentation of this technological milestone during a fantastic evening with drinks and an international selection of tapas.

To be able to offer their clients the latest technology, after extensive research, Corona Dental decided to purchase this meticulous machine by DMG MORISEKI, an important international company with a base in Spain. In fact this DMG ultrasonic 10 “in house”, is one of the first to be installed in a laboratory in Spain.

After this important investment in technology, to achieve optimal precision, Daniel Egstedt and Paul Nilsson have chosen a magnificent scanner from RENISHAW, the most accurate dental scanner in the World. Corona Dental Lab Hold the Inauguration of their new Cad Cam Department and the first ultrasonic DMG 10 machine ”in house” in a laboratory in Spain.

The DMG Ultrasonic 10 milling unit was purchased in 2013 and used at the Expodental in Madrid 2014.

Thanks to this level of technology, within a short amount of time the laboratory will be self sufficient and not dependent on other suppliers. By the end of the year the milling unit will start rolling some products and by the end of 2015, Corona Dental will offer a new range of unique products, never seen or used in the Dental Industry

Corona Dental would like to say a special thanks to the founders; Tovio and Ann-Christin, suppliers, employees, Ffriends and family, who have all helped to make this event a success.

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