Art At Kasser Rassu Gallery Marbella

Mugge Fischer and Ose del Sol (Artenovum) inaugurated the new Kasser Rassu Art Space with a two man show.

Greeted by cheerful abstracts by Mugge Fischer that enlighten you when you enter the room, just like the personality of the artist himself, in combination with the deep mystery, eroticism and the mythological aspects of the works that surround Ose del Sol, the opening of the new Art Space Kasser Rassu could only be a success!

I particularly liked the the painting depicting Leda being seduced by Zeus transformed into a Swan. It’s not that the scene never have been painted before (several of the great masters have painted it) but Ose has captured the swan in a copulating position that brings a lot of raw brutality into the painting. Zeus was taking advantage of Leda and Ose shows that. Brilliant! But in all honesty I would not expect less from Ose, as his refinement of art and the study of the cultural periods is immense. He might be one of Spain’s best contemporary artists.

Mugge Fischer loves colour, something that is evident in most of his abstract work. The Cuadro la Puerta caught my eye as it reminded me of  something you might have seen the impressionists painting, if they would have taken it all the way into abstract. Abstract is not easy. It  is a simplifying of shapes and colours and is not to be taken lightly. I love abstract art and I really appreciate the thought that has been put into well executed abstracts.

Kasser Rassu is now reformed into an Art Space with a new bar area and seating for those who want to enjoy the art in peace.  Shahed Kavousi director of Kasser Rassu in Marbella invites anyone who want’s

to enjoy the art for a private viewing if you missed this special show.

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