All Donna at the Casino Marbella

A balmy summer evening at the Casino in Marbella, Ose del Sol and Mugge Fisher had arranged an evening in ode to the Donnas of the world.

Las Donnas del Mundo is the exhibition by these two very talented artists but they had done it with a twist…

All women have a bit of Donna inside them and many of us girls saw this as an opportunity to dress up and get a little bit of glamour into our lives. Some lucky Donna’s even got their own hat made to represent one of the worlds Donnas.

Donnas del Mundo is an exhibition from Artenovum that celebrates the woman in and of the world. There are 16 pieces in total and each and one of them have their own female story to tell. The exhibition will stay in the Casino of Marbella until 19th of September.

PS: Don’t forget your passport if you are going to see it, or you will not get let into the Casino.

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