Aloha Hill Club Christmas Party

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…nope, but marshmallows, yes indeed, and lashings of them, all goey and Christmassy, being toasted by the peeps at The Aloha Hill Club as they celebrated the end of the season with their Christmas bash.

Aloha Hill Club, MarbellaAround a hundred or so esteemed guests were invited for the festive bash in Nueva Andalucia and were treated to the finest of wines(they have one of the best cellars in town) and excellent food from the people at Fresh To Go.

World Champion cocktail supremo Mario Hofferer was on hand to oversee his Cocktails and Catering Team rustle up some of the finest drinks in the known world, his basil smash having me wondering why I had been wasting this wonderful herb in my spaghetti all these years.

Twas a chilly night to be fair, and had it not been for the marshmallow brazier, several upmarket gas fires and a belly full of Ribera del Duero I would have fair frozen my “nads” off, so three cheers to the Aloha Hill Club for an excellent festive and warming time.

Author: Johnny Gates

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