Ashya King, Common Sense Prevails

Ashya King’s family are given their freedom from a Spanish jail but it beggars belief, to be honest, that this debacle has even existed in the first place.

Ashya King’s family are given their freedom from a Spanish jail, but it beggars belief, to be honest, that this debacle even existed in the first place.


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What idiot, and I mean idiot in the harshest meaning of the word could possibly come up with the charge of kidnapping your own child and as for cruelty, well don’t get me started.

Reading between the lines I am guessing that Mr King, unhappy with his child’s care in the UK had a run in with the MD in charge and maybe even got a little upset, wouldn’t you if it were your child. As far as I can see, poor Ashya was just a number, a statistic to the men and women in white coats at Southampton General, a child that would gradually fade away, and not really matter in the long run, “this is how we do it here, how dare you question our methods” kind of thing.

Shame on them, shame on the British Police Force, shame on all those one legged, Welsh, black, ginger lesbians that are so damned on their own agendas that they would not consider for one moment what was really the best course for Ashya King or family.

This happening the same week that an 18 times convicted Jamaican narrowly avoided his deserved deportation because he claimed he was gay as he arrived at the airport, and was dully allowed to stay in the UK, where no doubt he will continue his criminal ways. Why was he given a stay of execution for his deportation? because he had rights to a family life (usual European Court bullshit) Hello, are this lot completely barking mad, where were the court of human rights when the King family were being perused through Europe with a price on their head for kidnap and child cruelty, when they were clearly so desperate to find a cure for their son, a cure that nobody at the NHS could be bothered to help with. Nowhere, that’s where, too busy making sure the Asian rapists of Rotherham were allowed to continue their barbaric rape of young girls, afraid they may upset the Asian community. Asian community my arse, this is about men raping girls in the UK and getting away with it because of those bloody O.L.W.B.G.L (maybe I should rearrange that, I’m sure it’s a great anagram)

Back to the King family, thankfully, common sense has prevailed, the UK’s citizens have come out in force and Ashya King has finally been reunited with his parents this afternoon having been released from Soto del Real prison near Madrid, after British authorities dropped the case against them.

Ashya had spent days alone in hospital under armed police guard… armed guard? Yes, a child who is terminally ill, whose parents were stuck in a Spanish prison was under armed guards. Who from, the tooth fairy, his brothers, Santa Claus? Maybe they thought he may make a break for it on his own, I mean really…

Sadly the only happy ending this terrible story of injustice and sadness can have, is that the treatment that little Ashya will get in Europe is successful and the King family can live a long and happy life together.

Personally I hope that the Doctor who started this whole chain of events, the police that set the charges running and my coloured, ginger Welsh cripples are all held to account and dragged through the courts, struck off, fined or jailed for the pain they have caused Ashya King and family.

Apologies to my Welsh friends (I’m Welsh myself), all lesbians, all coloured people, all one legged people and most ginger people, but not if you are all of these, as you are the ones that are ruining the country, well you, and your kind in Brussels.

These words and thoughts are those of The Walnut Frog, and as such may be shared by all…The Walnut Frog, hard on the outside, soft in the middle.


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