Bananarama and Human League Take Marbella Back to the Eighties

Bananarama’s remaining duo of Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin opened the much anticipated back to the 80’s concert with the Human League, bought to the Hotel Puente Romano by Costa Cosmetica.

Bananarama take us back in time

Bananarama take us back in time

A brave venture indeed for Costa Cosmetica and Claire Sanderson who had never ventured into the hard business of concert production, you would be lucky to turn a buck until you had at least five under your belt, made it a hole in one as their first gig more than broke even when over 1,500 eighties fans turned up to take the clock back to the days of Diamond White and Lambert and Butler.

Performing hits from their albums Deep Sea Skiving and Bananarama like “Really Saying Something”, “Shy Boy”, “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”, “Hot Line to Heaven” and of course the infamous Robert De Niro’s Waiting the crowd were soon on their feet, well the ones who didn’t pay for the tables at the front who’s view was quickly obliterated by much hip twisting and hands in the air kind of stuff. Excellent I thought, sipping on my Gin and Tonic, large lens in hand, from the back by the bar, I did try a few close up shots of the girls but although the years have been kinder to them than me I still thought it kinder to shoot from a respectful distance. My only concern was their guitarist, who for some reason started one lead solo playing the guitar with his teeth? err hello, you’re in the wrong band and the wrong genre. I always liked Bananarama and even drank with them back in the day in the Camden Palace before I realised I was destined to be a failed rock star and this night certainly took me back to days of hope and alcohol.

The Human League, then kings of Sheffield electronic dirge, or electronic new wave came on after a 20 minute set change, time to get some more snaps of the fans and drop another G&T, with Phil Oakey, devoid of all hair, strutting around the stage like some deranged undertaker in full length Crombie, suit and a tie, my God he must have lost 10 kilos in the hot August Marbella night. But boy did he know how to play the crowd, poor old Bananarama, Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley sounded just like they did back in the day and were excellent. Al the hits came out from their number one hit “Don’t You Want Me” to “Mirror Man”, “Fascination”, “The Lebanon”, “Human” and “Love Action”. The Ketars were certainly getting a good seing to, well done to Costa Cosmetica for bringing a memorable night of music to Marbella, and again very brave with all the big gigs going on at Starlite, I look forward to your next venture into the murky world of music.

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