BBC Doomed Soap El Dorado to Return, Possibly

20 years after Alan Yentob cruelly pulled the plug on the Costa’s own soap opera, the peeps at Auntie Beeb are thinking of bringing it back.

El Dorado, Marbella

Set in Coin on the Costa del Sol, El Dorado ran for only one year, from 6 July 1992 to 9 July 1993 and was a ratings disaster from the beginning, despite millions of tax payers hard licensing fee cash being poured into the project

Created by Tony Holland, the late co-creator of EastEnders, El Dorado featured some lesser known actors such as Jesse Birdsall aka Marcus Tandy, now in Hollyoaks along with Patricia Brake who found TV fame as Ingrid Fletcher, daughter of Norman Stanly Fletcher (Ronnie Barker) in Porridge and it’s sequel Going Straight. Local “talent”, such as Franco Rey and Polly Perkins tried valiantly to hold the series up, but after just one year their days of fame were over when said Yentob pulled the plug, more politically than financially, on the coast’s first brush with TV fame. Now of course the Costa del Sol and more importantly Marbella, is famous for housing those ne’er–do–wells from Towie over the summer months.El Dorado, Marbella

Well I for one would be glad to see the return of El Dorado, don’t forget that at its height, I mean the end, it had rallied the viewing figures to nearly 10 million, must have been a very rainy year in the UK…so fingers crossed we may well see again some more appalling acting and screenwriting coming from sunny Spain. In all honesty if the Beeb want a soap opera then they should just set up a live web cam in any one of the expat bars on the coast and job done, with much better story lines, and it would be free.

Author Johnny Gates

Images Thanks to Alan Carson

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