Bryan Adams Tries To Put Some Meat on His Bare Bones Tour at Starlite in Marbella

James Hewitt lookalike Bryan Adams (and it doesn’t end there) launched the first night of the Starlite concerts with his Bare Bones tour

Bryan Adams bare to the bone

Bryan Adams bare to the bone

And Bare Bones it was, with Bryan, his pianist, who’s name escapes me, and a couple of tatty acoustic guitars, singing to the packed house that had traveled far and wide to see their hero.

Well this is a very brave thing to do musically, with no gadgets or gizmos to hide the odd bum notes that are inevitable when it’s just you and six strings. Bryan Adams or Admas as the poster in the airport called him (how the hell can you get that wrong) didn’t really put a foot wrong in front of a crowd who I felt found it very hard to get involved in the whole affair, with the poor Canadian asking the crowd if they had a long day and only managing to bring them to their feet at the end, maybe they were in a hurry to get home…

Still, meat was applied to the bare bones, musically of course, but next time I see him I do hope he comes with his band and fires a rocket or two up the crowds arse as I know he can.

Author: Johnny Gates

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