Bryan Ferry Concert, Marbella

Bryan Ferry played the Hotel Puente Romano Tennis Club, Marbella to a rapturous audience this week.

For those of us who remember the 70′s, fondly or otherwise, Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music were all part of our teenage years. Who remembers first seeing the gorgeous Jerry Hall painted blue on the album cover Siren.

Sadly there was no Virginia Plain on the set list but Ferry belted out all the other classics from Love Is the Drug to Jealous Guy and yet again the plastic white seats at the tennis club were left unused as the crowd re-lived their youth.

In an ode to Englands most prolific watercolour artist, Ferry sang the wonderful Neil Young anthem Hurricane with JMW Turners “Fighting Temeraire, Rain, Steam and Speed and Dutch Boats in a Gale on the huge screen behind the stage, pure class in my book.

In a summer season of concerts, of which the number Marbella has never witnessed, over 20 Gigs in total, it came as no surprise to see the venue three quarters full. This I put down to two things, one who can really afford to go to every concert this year… and two, Marbella’s love affair with dressing in white and seeing who can out champagne the next table…, yes there was a white party on at the Starlite Gala Venue, why I have no idea, but this for sure dragged a few people away from the concert.

Hey ho It’s off to Tony Bennet we go…

Special thanks to Garoa Productions and the management of the Hotel Puente Romano.

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