Burlesque Party In Marbella

Last Saturday in Trocadero Arena near Marbella we found Lidia Santos who won the Miss Málaga beauty parlor 2011 and  Belinda Gutierrez who was Miss Málaga 2010 showing off splendid basques, in company of local beauties, from the brand Bailly Bijoux.

It was an event in true Moulin Rouge style with a burlesque temptress performing for the dining guests. Trocadero Arena has a atmosphere that reminds one of byegone days of the grandeur that was the Great British Empire. Think about the movie “Out of Africa” and you are right there.

Personally I loved all the basques from Bailly Bijoux (see the photos, they are just gorgeous) and for all of you that missed the show you will be able to see them in their new boutique that they will be opening in Ricardo Soriano 7, in Marbella, in two weeks. I will be there buying me one for sure!

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