Check Out Fashion Villa at Nueva Kaskada, Marbella

Fashion Villa is probably the Marbella crowds most popular fashion boutique or actually it is as the name implies a villa in Elviria run by top Marbella woman Julia Rep.

Julia has been running her successful fashion business for over 7 years and is in the know of how to market her garments by setting up well visited fashions shows in many different Marbella locations.

This time people gathered in the Nueva Kaskada restaurant that can be found by following the road to Ojen, past La Canada and then turning left by the “Cementerio”. The Nueva Kaskada is a jewel hidden away in an oasis amongst trees and running water. The restaurant also houses it’s own 5 star gourmet chef,  Ewald Fichthaler who landed in Marbella after marking his culinary footsteps all round the world. As I am sure you understand, you will not be disappointed if you chose to dine in Nueva Kaskada!

Back to Julia; This is just one in many fashion shows that Julia brilliantly has set up. As always with Fashion Villa, the show features only the best models and absolute high class and style. In Nueva Kaskada Marbella, the dining guests were delighted to see a selection of the spring collection chosen by Julia Rep for Fashion Villa. The style was fresh and had a hint of playfulness in the colours but also seriously talored outfits without losing the romantic spring and summer feel. In Fashion Villa you will find brands like Airfield, Cambio and Basler Gold, Leo Guy, Gloria Estelles, Princess goes Hollywood and Joseph Ribkoff.

Do you want to know more about Fashion Villa? Visit Julia’s homepage:

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