Concordia Christmas Gala

Concordia Christmas Gala

Christmas has arrived in Marbella once again, and, as always the first festive event of the winter season is the “not to be missed” Concordia Christmas Gala.

Concordia or A.C.A.S, Associacion Contra Sida, the Anti AIDS Association, a non-profit, private (non-governmental) organisation which was set up in 1994 to look after the urgent needs of a group of people connected with HIV/AIDS who require special care and services.

Led tirelessly by Princess Marie-Louise of Prussia and her committee, Concordia famously holds their Christmas Gala in the Andalucia Ball Room of the Hotel Puente Romano, as they do their Summer Ball in the Marbella Club Hotel all in the cause of raising money to help sufferers of HiV and research into finding a permanent cure for this modern day plague which affects all society.

Being Christmas of course Santa Claus, or San Nicholas was in attendance picking out the winners of probably the biggest raffle prize draw in Spain, with literally hundreds of amazing prizes.

This years theme was clearly dance and the ballet and flamenco acts were amazing, the food, always spectacular, and the guests surely the finest gathering of the season.

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