Cosy Restaurant in San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella.

Marbella-Eye nipped up the street from our offices to check out how “Cosy” this new eaterie really is.

Well the inside decor is all raw pine, I think a few wooden pallets have come to grief to grace the walls, so the smell as you enter is somewhat Swedish sauna meets London wine bar, a smell I have to say I like. As for “Cosy” well I think we will have to wait for the winter chill to set in to decide that.

The wines served to the throng of San Pedro and Marbella guests was in my opinion of a quality not normally given away by the gallon as was the case here, if this is the house wine then I shall definitely return. As for the nibbles handed round I would guess that someone in the kitchen has more than a touch of Thai blood running through their veins, the Thai Green was delicious.

Outside the restaurant, and for the love of me I couldn’t see the link, were two magnificent hand made motorcycles the quality of which I have never seen before.

Sbay Motor Company, from Spain are dedicated to the design and fabrication of big twin motorcycles and the “New Jerry” and “Flying Sbay” are two amazing bikes. Anyway why they were there I will never know but they certainly stole the show, by the way judging where the hot oil pipes are positioned on the top of the tanks, Steampunk style I think they would be slightly more cosy than you would like.

Marbella-Eye, that means Sofie and I will be popping back soon to give the menu a good seeing to over the next few weeks.

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