David Bailey, Terry O’Neill and Johnny Gates… What’s going on here?

Some of the worlds most famous photographers under one roof in Marbella at the

Blackshaw Art gallery and the mystery image worth over 100,000 euros…

Lee Blackshaw of Blackshaw Art.

Yes you heard it.. One image caught everybody’s attention and it was not one of David Baileys portraits neither Terry O’Neill’s famous Jimmy Hendrix.. Nope, it was the 100,000 euro masterpiece by Johnny Gates named “Girl With Bowl”.

Like the Mona Lisa it grabbed the attention of every single person that walked through the door.  Princess Marie Louise of Prussia was mesmerized and quite a few held their breath when they saw it. We need not say any more but there is a mystery worth discovering in the Lee Blackshaw Art gallery!

The exhibition is open for another week and if you are looking for some real investment photography it’s definitely worth a visit as you will be able to pick up some real name photographers photos at almost embarrassingly low prices. Blackshaw Art also sells memorabilia of all sorts, that makes great gifts for anyone. You will find them in the “Nuevo Poligono La Campana” in Nueva Andalucia in Marbella. If you miss “Girl With Bowl” we suggest that you visit Johnny Gates one man show in the Kasser Rassu Gallery opposite the Marbella Club the 2nd of March. The show will be running for two weeks before it moves to Northen Europe, but don’t miss the opening as it will be an event in it self.

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