David Beckham Shines in Marbella but Fails to Impress the Tabloids

David Beckham shines in Marbella but fails to impress the Tabloids.

David Beckham in Marbella, Spain

Image by Solarpix

5 years ago, a sighting of the worlds most famous living footballer in Marbella would have had the London Paps scrabbling for steerage on Ryan Air in an attempt to get some exclusive, and in those days very lucrative shots of “Becks”

Sadly these days with the newspapers and magazines in decline, long live the online mag, it was only the Daily Mail that could muster even the slightest enthusiasm for the legend from East Ham, digging deep into their pockets to shell out the couple of hundred bucks the number 23 is worth these days, and even then only using them online.

Having said that, of course the locals outside Franks Corner in Marbella were happy to crowd around the heavily guarded film set to watch the man, who apparently has balls made of the purest gold, film his latest advert for Addidas.

Sr Beckham has of course now left the LA Galaxy football team and for some strange reason is now training with the “Gooners” or The Woowlich Arsenal, and boy do they need his help.

The last time I saw David Beckham in Marbella it was when he was staying in the super expensive residence of a certain well known Irishman, John Magnier. It was outside this house behind the Marbella Club Hotel that I found little Romeo Beckham sitting astride my motorcycle with his Dad who I have to say really was a jolly nice fellow.

Now my advice to David has to be, put the Gooner shirt in the bin where it belongs and toddle up the road to your lifelong favorite team Tottenham Hotspurs and ask them if you can play with their ball, I’m sure they won’t mind, plus you always looked shite in Red, White is much more your colour.

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