Dr Amar and His New, All Natural Scarless Rejuvination Technique.

Dr Amar and His New, All Natural Scarless Rejuvination Technique.

Selected guests from Marbella all headed down to the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel this week to discover Dr Amar’s latest and exclusive treatments in the world of rejuvination.

FAMI consists of an autograft of adult stem cells in order to rebuild muscles and bones.

To understand FAMI, one must know the process of aging. Indeed, the FAMI technique rejuvenates significantly because it treats the real causes of aging in the most natural way.

We would like to explain the reasons why the expression of a twenty years old face is always smoother and more harmonious than the same face at forty (for example : a mother and her daughter).
In a young face, the gaze is soft and deep, the smile is serene, and the cheekbones are bulging. With aging, the gaze becomes hard, the eyes seem rounder (protruding eyes), and the nose is more prominent. The smile reveals more of the gums (gummy smile), the lips are thinner, and the cheekbones are less bulging. All of the above contribute to the hardening expressions of the face.

At the forehead and eye levels, one can say that aging causes a slight receding of bone surfaces and an atrophy of the muscles which give the eyes a sad appearance. The eyebrows fall down, the rings under the eyes are deeper and fat pockets appear in the lower eyelid.
In the buccal region, the mouth hexagon moves backward and creates or worsens the nasolabial fold. This backward movement (bone and muscle) of the cheeks and the mouth causes the nose to appear bigger.
With aging, the youthful contours are transformed with sharper angles.

By reconstructing the contours of the face, FAMI recreates the harmonious lines and eliminates the hard expression of the face. The gaze is deeper, the forehead is strengthened, the nose appears smaller, the cheekbones reflect the light more and the lips become fleshy once again. The whole face regains its
harmonious proportions.

The FAMI restoration of the orbicular muscle makes the blepharoplasty unnecessary in many cases. Facelifts are only needed in severe cases of deformity. FAMI also improves the results of a facelift surgery.

We can recommend FAMI as a preventive method against aging from the age of forty, and as a curative procedure thereafter. In addition, this technique allows the correction of some scars, including acne scars, and the correction of facial asymmetry.
The surgery lasts from 2 to 3 hours and is done under local anaesthesia in an ambulatory basis. The follow-up is uneventful, except for some slight bruising and oedema.
By giving back the shape of youth, FAMI truly rejuvenates.

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