Ducati Panigale 1199 Dressed To Thrill, A Cautionary Tale

Ducati Panigale 1199 dressed to thrill, a cautionary tale.

Ducati Panagale with Jean Alessi Ferrari at Ascari race Resort in Ronda with

A quick social visit to Guarnieri in San Pedro to see what is new in the world of motoring resulted in Mario Guarnieri, head honcho of Concesionarios Guarnieri chucking me the keys to the new 2013 Panigale 1199 from Ducati.

Dressed in red and looking every bit as dangerous as an Eastern block hooker in a Marbella nightclub, this two wheeled diva beckoned me from the forecourt with a wink and a flash of her sleek bodywork.

Like any good lady of the night the Ducati is pricey, but for that split second from stationary to 300kmh, worth every shekel. The acceleration is quite phenomenal and I wouldn’t recommend taking this girl to the limit unless you are a Moto GP Pilot, have at least 30 years in the saddle or are just fed up with life and fancy a spectacular exit into the next world.  Stopping it (not into a brick wall) is equally quick with the Brembo brakes forcing your wedding tackle with a painful crunch onto the back of the tank, you will only do this once trust me.

Born from the track the Panigale holds the road like shit to a blanket and my trip up to Ascari was a pure joy leaving my underwear reasonably free of unwanted passengers. The reason for the trip up the Ronda road (surely one of the greatest biker roads in the World) was to introduce my weekend hooker to another Italian icon, none other than Jean Alesi’s Formula 1 Ferrari  now spending it’s retirement being hammered around the 6km race track that is Ascari Race Resort.

When offered the chance of taking the Panigale round the track, racing driver and owner of Ascari, Klaas Zwart looked at me like I had just offered him a crack pipe, you see this is one scary machine. Would I buy one? well the answer is yes if I was a richer man and didn’t have to use it on a daily basis, far to fond of my “girl next door” Honda 900F. This bike is for race days and weekend mid life crisis penis flashing, yes on this bike you will definitely feel your lunch box is much bigger.

One other point, this girl drinks gas like it’s going out of fashion, when I wasn’t belting down the autopista I seemed to spend most of my time at the gas station, but come Friday and my impending lottery win I will for sure be taking this bad girl back to my place.




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