Fantastic Fred Friedrich at Kasser-Rassu Gallery, Marbella

Fantastic Fred Friedrich at Kasser-Rassu Gallery, Marbella

Well it must be September, the nights are drawing in, the autumn chill creeping into the Marbella nights, and of course, the first invites to the winter seasons exhibitions at the amazing Kasser Rassu Gallery, floating down from your virtual letterbox on to your super highway doormat.

Of course, Summer, with its decadent beach parties and hedonistic behavior drifting into a distant memory, many of Marbella folk’s minds turn to to pastimes of a much gentler and cultural nature…Enter stage left Kasser Rassu, Marbella’s finest spot for cleansing the mind of sins from a Summer gone, and exchanging a glass of exorbitant bubbly for a nice glass of Rueda and filling the mind with all things Arty Farty.

Fred Friedrich is at this moment exhibiting his One Man Show, Fin de Ciel/Medianismus, showing characteristic bold, abstract style work which immediately captures the attention, and which owes some of its tremendous power to the artist’s experience as an architect. His paintings are powerful and bear the traces of acrylic paints pooling and running off the canvas in streaks of varying widths, which one may guess are the result of his controlled but purposeful movement as he works, and very thin, delicate lines that remind the viewer of drawings or illustration.

Should you have not cleansed your soul with some Art after your summer of fun then I strongly recommend a confessional trip to The Kasser Rassu Gallery, in front of the Marbella Club, and absolve yourself forthwith.

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