Fashion Villa Bring Summer Sunshine to a Chilly Marbella Day

MC Cafe at the Marbella Club Hotel, renowned for their winter fashion shows warmed up a somewhat wintery day in Marbella with a summer collection by Julia Rep from Fashion Villa.

Julia Rep's Fashion Villa Marbella

Clearly from what I could see on this blustery day it was the girls who were wearing the trousers, taking comand of a very slick, simple and light collection from Marbella’s favorite German Fashionista, Julia Rep.

Julia, always with an  eye on the latest fashion trends and sadly these days lighter wallets made sure the packed MC Cafe’s lady diners plus Walter Fischer?, the token male, were catered for with style and value.

Food and service at the MC Cafe of course was of the highest quality and, I suggest if you have never ventured into the hallowed halls of this famous eaterie then you should pop down for some five star r&r.

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