F**k Me It’s Gordon Ramsay in Fuengirola

Foul mouthed TV chef Gordon Ramsay is as we speak filming his

Kitchen Nightmares in Los Boliches in Fuengirola

Gordon Ramsey films Kitchen Nightmares in Los Boliches, Fuengirola, Malaga

The poor bods of Mayfair Restaurante, on the Paseo in Los Boliches will be spending the next few days being sworn at and generally abused by the walnut headed chef from Scotland.

Ramsey, who to be fair, has an appalling record of actually keeping these failing restaurants open, sporting his new bizarre short back and sides hair cut, strutted passed me and muttered the now famous F-Word in my direction as he went off to “save” the Mayfair.

My guess is that with Ramsay’s record, this corner site should be on the market by September at the latest.


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  1. Oh my Gawed!!! I gotta get over there and ask for an autograph!!!

  2. tricia

    Er….shame your ‘journalist’ didn’t know the difference between ‘past’ and ‘passed’…..standards, please!!

  3. mo malone

    Gordon Ramsey is a professional dealing with idiots. If the restaurants he features on his show fail to take on board his advice, fail to avail of the help given, fail to take advantage of the money spent refurbishing the premises and fail to exploit the free publicity then they surely deserve to fail.

    • Sadly Mo the whole point behind realty TV is that it’s a train wreck, the general public in the UK don’t want to see someone who has the balls to get out and make a success,reality TV shows want to show how bad it is outside of the UK. The Papers and TV don’t want to report on happy marriages or successful people, they want sadness, debauchery and failure, that’s what the British people want to read, it makes them feel better about their mundane lives.

  4. Your right on the past/passed but you should spell the guys name correctly.

    • Quite right Jay, it’s A not E, luckily on the web we have a chance to correct our mistakes, unlike the papers and magazines

  5. I remember when I worked with him, used to drive him nuts when they got it wrong!


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