Flavio Briatore in Marbella

Flavio Briatore came to Marbella yesterday to unveil what must be described as the most hideous nightclub in the World.

My first impression of the club as I walked in with Flavio himself was; it’s the Palace of Versailles gone oh so horribly wrong. More gold leaf than you can shake a stick at, seating so unpractical (stools like Cinderella’s coach) that two sips of a good gin and tonic (25€ by the way) would send you spinning to the floor.

The opening night was one of the most anticipated events of the year, but with people arriving with facebook invites (the event clearly hijacked by some of Marbella’s wannabe PR  Girls) which would never get you into an event such as this in a month of Sundays, invited guests not realising that this was not going to be the usual Marbella freebee, and that yes, your first free drink would indeed cost you 25€.

One of the most impressive sights of the night was the roaring arrival of such supercars as Ferraris, Lamborginis, Bentleys and Mercedes SLRs only to watch them roar off again 15 minutes later, no doubt to the safe and reasonably priced Suite del Mar or Olivia Valere, yes I used the words reasonably priced and Olivia Valeres in the same sentence, something must be wrong I hear you cry.

Of course there were certain Marbella nouveau riche party people that thought this place looked like heaven but are also the same people that think flock wallpaper is cool, so job done Flavio…

So to end, Suite del Mar, great service, you can see the beach and you can sit safely even after 10 Gin and Tonics, Olivia Valere, great sound system, extremely chic and yes now reasonably priced.

Billionaires Club, well apart from the fact that no real Billionaire would ever set foot in it, either way you will end up on the floor from the shock of the prices or the ridiculous seating and non existent service.

Oh by the way did I tell you there is no actual bar inside the club, you have to buy your table, I believe starting at a grand a pop (I could buy half the furniture in Ikea for that, and better quality)

Any hoo below find the images of the Rich, Poor, Uninvited, Disapointed and flock wallpaper lovers in attendance. Oh and if they are smiling its because I took their photos before they went in.

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