Giles Brown, Journalist, Radio Presenter and Sometime Troglodyte Celebrates 45 at Shiraz Marbella

Giles Brown, Birthday Boy, Journalist, Radio Presenter and Sometime Troglodyte, Celebrates 45 at Shiraz Marbella.


Yes Giles “Danger”Brown has made it to 45 years old and as tradition dictates, celebrated this milestone on a stormy night at friends Celso and Mimi’s Marbella Portside eatery, Shiraz.

Friends from up and down the coast made the windy trip into Marbella to help Giles begin the next 45 in style, Celso’s meatballs (no jokes please) were a work of art, slathered in a rich red wine sauce and prompting Giles to order 8 pints of them…

As for the caveman outfit… well I will leave that thought with you…

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