Good Wine Means Better Sex Say The Italians

Good Wine Means Better Sex Say The Italians

Drink wine for better sex

Portrait of beautiful woman with glass red winePerhaps one of the most amazing and at the same time interesting facts about wine is that, drunk regularly, it can better your sex life.

The survey, conducted at the University of Florence in— wait for it— Italy, assessed the sexual satisfaction of 800 women between age 18 and 50, using something called the Female Sexual Function Index. The FSFI is a 36-point scale that scores women’s sexual satisfaction based on self-reporting of orgasm, pain, and arousal. Women who drank zero glasses of wine scored an average of 24.4. One glass a day drinkers clocked in at 25.9. And the two glasses per day crew blew the competition away, amassing a score of 27.3 on average.

The Italian study showed that women who have two glasses of wine daily enjoy better physical pleasures than women who don’t drink wine at all.

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  1. I completely agree with their findings. I do say though, that a bottle shared is better than 2 glasses alone. 😉


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