Gourmet Recipe: Vietnamese Pho Soup and Summer Rolls

Monday’s Gourmet Recipie is bought to you by our good friends at

Monday’s Gourmet Recipie is bought to you by our good friends at

Summer Rolls

Ingredients (serves four)

1 chicken

50 gms ginger

2 limes

1 chicken stock cube

3 pcs lemongrass

Half a cucumber

2 x tomatoes

2 x onion

1 bunch spring onions

25 mls Soy Sauce

10 mls fish sauce

1 thai bird chilli

500 gms pho noodles

500 gms rice noodles

1 pack rice papers (round)

100 gms coriander, fresh

In a pot, add the whole chicken to cold water and bring to the boil. Spoon off the oily scum as it appears and then add one chopped onion, ginger, half teaspoon salt and lemongrass. Boil gently for one hour. Then take out the chicken carefully as it will be falling to pieces and take off all of the meat, place the meat on a separate plate to cool and add the bones back to the broth, keep boiling one more hour. During that time, cook off the pho noodles for five minutes and then cool off with cold water. In four soup bowls, chop up some spring onions and add fish sauce and chili, juice of half a lime, fresh chopped coriander. Cook off the rice noodles, cool with cold water and place in a bowl for use making the summer rolls. Prepare the cucumber, onion, tomato, spring onions in length-way cuts for the summer rolls. Take the chicken broth off the boil and sieve out the bones, pour the soup stock over the noodles and herbs in the bowls and serve. Fill a large bowl with lukewarm water, dip in one rice paper for about thirty seconds, spread it out evenly, add vegetables and rice noodles then wrap up like a little kebab. Dip in a mix of soy sauce, fish sauce and fresh chilli. You can also add in steamed shrimp, to soften up and broaden the character of the rolls. Excellent meal served with Sauvignon Blanc.


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