Guey Fire and Ice Launch Party in Marbella

Happy days for the hundreds of Guey fans who have been without their fix of the best food and wine in Nueva Andalucia as Guey re-opens in a flash of red and white.

Guey Fire and Ice Launch Party, Marbella

Johnnie B Gomez pulled out all the stops to make this a memorable event, with personally hand made cigars, freshly chucked oysters and superb caviar, Guey was full to the gunwales, despite it being the World Cup Quarter final between Argentina and the Netherlands.Guey Fire and Ice Launch Party, Marbella

Although it has to be said that sipping champers on the newly refurbished sky bar over looking the terrace and gardens of Guey, was of course a much finer way to pass the evening than watching Robben preforming his very own version of Swan Lake in the Argentinian penalty area.

Guey is by far the best restaurant in the area with innovative menus and fine wines, and testament to that will be that fact that you would be very well advised to book your table early other wise you will end up chewing on spring rolls across the road.Guey Fire and Ice Launch Party, Marbella

Also in attendance was the renowned author and OBE recipient Barbara Taylor Bradford who’s debut novel “A Woman of Substance” has sold over 30 million copies. In total Barbara’s  books have sold more than ninety-two million copies worldwide in more than ninety countries and forty languages. Ten of her books have been made into television mini-series and television movie.

Happy as I am that Guey Restaurant and Sky Bar are our new clients at Marbella Plus, don’t mistake of thinking that I my report is glowing for financial gain, far from it, Guey really does deliver and I have never had a bad meal there, but, should it slip, I will be the first to tell you, my guess that if it were to fail it would be just a few minutes after hell has frozen over.

Plaza de las Orquideas, 4,

29660 Nueva Andalucia,


Phone:+34 952 92 92 50

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