Gunnel’z Fashion Sews Together Multi Cultural Ladies in Marbella

Gunnel’z fashion show at the MC Cafe was indeed a multi cultural affair, with more than a smörgåsbord of Swedes, a coffee house of Dutch, a Parsi of Persians, a Balti of Indians and a Sweaty Sock.

Gunnel'z Fashion Show, MC Cafe, Marbella

The collection reflected the fact that winter is coming, and wool and furry boots should be the order of the day, not that winter here is as harsh as it is in Gunnel’z Sweden, but all the same it’s not the time for t-shirts and shorts.

As per usual the MC Cafe was packed to the rafters with Marbella’s finest, seeing what might be keeping them warm this winter, I mean the clothes, and not the waiters, who, as always produced the great service the Marbella Club is famous for.

As for the collection, cast your eyes over the photographs and see what takes your fancy. Gunnel’z can be found in Aloha Gardens or her New York style warehouse in the poligono in San Pedro.

Author Johnny Gates

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  1. Fantastic Fashion Show and Fantastic Album! Thank you for photos! Xx


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