Happy Day Off For Cast of Towie at Ocean Club Marbella

The cast of the now infamous The Only Way is Essex took the day off from filming yesterday and spent the afternoon at the Ocean Club in Marbella

Towie Ocean Club Marbella

And what a well behaved and nice bunch the new cast are, which is more can be said for their management who kept Reflections Hair Salon in Nueva Andalucia waiting for four hours before cancelling an appointment yesterday morning.

Towie, who have been filming in and around Puerto Banus all week, and have been trailed by a small battalion of London Paparazzi, have, on the whole behaved themselves with much dercorum, Diags even started discussing the plights of the Favelas with me yesterday, something Joey Essex would think was a type of wrap at his local Tacco bell.Towie Ocean Club Marbella

Love them or hate them, the Towie show is a juggernaut that does not seem to want to slow down or disappear. Many people believe they and their show are bad for the image of Marbella and maybe they are right, but remember, there is no such thing as bad press and publicity like this would cost millions if you wanted to buy it.

Lets not forget, Puerto Banus is not Marbella, Marbella is much more, from the Old Town to the long beaches and sand dunes of Cabopino, and as such, visitors to our lovely town only have to bump into orange Essex types if they wish to.

I for one think their publicity is a good thing for Marbella, but hey, thats just me, and I have been wrong before.

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  1. I agree entirely at least people are seeing more of Marbella & Puerto Banus on T.V ( good or bad )


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