Ist Forum On Innovation, Leadership And Training Business, Marbella

The presentation of the Forum INNOVA 2013, has been presented in the Ayuntamiento of marbella with Ángeles Muñoz, Mayor of Marbella, Pancho Campo, director and creator of Innova Chrand, and Melissa Butler, director of The American College of Marbella. at the Ayuntamiento de Marbella

Presentation of the Ist Forum On Innovation, Leadership And Training Business, Marbella


The economic adviser to Barack Obama, John Green, tops the list of speakers at this event that focuses on innovation, leadership and training as tools to deal with the current economic situation.
The forum will also feature the participation of Luis del Castillo, president of the International Criminal Bar in The Hague, Sandra Garcia-Sanjuan, creator of the Starlite Gala and Manolo Santana, amongst others.
The conference will be held on May 16 at the Palacio de Congresos de Marbella.
This is the first event organized by The American College of Marbella, Andalucia first American university with the assistance of the City of Marbella.

Angeles Muñoz

Angeles Muñoz

The current economic crisis requires the establishment of new competitive strategies that can cope with the future success of the business world. The first forum on Innovation, Motivation, Education and Leadership, INNOVA 2013 was created to raise awareness of the importance of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship training pose to economic growth and development on the Costa del Sol This is the first event organized by Chrand Management and The American College of Marbella, Andalucia first American university with the assistance of the City of Marbella.

Panch Campo

Panch Campo

The adviser to President Barack Obama, John Green, is leading a series of conferences that will influence the incorporation of innovation and entrepreneurship as a tool to put the Costa del Sol in front of the new international economic outlook.

John Green is a respected economic and political advisor of governments, institutions and corporations worldwide. World-renowned expert in internationalization of companies, strategy and sustainability, is a tireless entrepreneur and passionate about social causes. He has spent most of his professional career planning and strategic development of private and public institutions. He has worked as a consultant to numerous business and political leaders globally, specializing in growth strategies and international expansion, business development and corporate strategy. He has been co-director of the international campaign for the reelection of President Obama and his adviser on international economics, sustainability and Hispanics, areas in which he has developed his extensive career.

The international market access for developing entrepreneurship involves adapting to the current legal circumstances. In this regard, the President of the International Criminal Bar in The Hague and Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Barcelona (UB), Luis del Castillo Aragón, will present a paper which will focus on “corruption, stifling innovation and entrepreneurship “. Another presentation will focus on developing “Leadership and influence: key factors for growth and success” and run by Henry Alcat, expert in communication and crisis management. This conference will also include intervention and impressions of Manolo Santana, renowned Spanish tennis at the Ayuntamiento de Marbella

Enrique Alcat is a consultant specializing in training senior managers and opinion leaders in communication and crisis management. He has trained more than 8000 senior executives of multinational, national and SMEs as well as opinion leaders in the medical community, academic, scientific and business. He has directed more than 200 communications campaigns for companies of all types and has participated in the management and business strategies 150 Crisis. He has authored more than a hundred manuals crisis. In 2005 he published the book “And now what?” (Keys to manage a crisis and emerge stronger) which is the most sold on crisis communication and Castilian. In April 2011 he published “influences” (key to master the art of persuasion) of which six editions have been printed and is considered bestseller. Part of the Top Ten Business Experts and is a partner of the Association of Communication Directors. He has been honored with the Thinker Manager 2010.

It will also be attended by personalities from the business world of the Costa del Sol
The meeting is aimed at businessmen, entrepreneurs, politicians, media, small businesses, students and faculty, who will participate in panel discussions.
During the day of meeting all of them shared with the audience the ideas generated by their experience to address the current economic situation and help the economic development of the region.

A space for the promotion

The event, which will feature an area dedicated to exhibitors, is organized by The American College of Marbella, has the support of the City of Marbella, and the support of the Ministry of Economy of the Junta de Andalucía through the Foundation “Andalucía Embark “, CIT, and sponsorship of Sierra Blanca States, International Xanit Hospital, La Zagaleta SLU Marbella, and Les Roches (International School of Hotel Managements).

This exhibition space will allow businesses and sponsors exhibit and promote their products, services and technology in a framework that emphasizes the high profile attendees.

Melissa Butler

Melissa Butler

Funds for scholarships

The forum Assistance price varies depending on the profile of the attendees. Also, part of the amount collected will go towards scholarships for students studying in The American College of Marbella. In this regard, note that participation in the forum will have no cost to students currently studying Bachelor, although they must register for the event.

Moreover, the event will close with an official dinner to be attended by up to 150 people, in which John Green will be the guest of honor along with the other speakers participating in the meeting.

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