Jamie Cullum at The Starlite Festival Marbella.

Jamie Cullum, that mad rapscallion of the jazz world played the Starlite Festival in Marbella following in the footsteps of Canadian rocker Bryan Adams.

Jamie Cullum at the Starlite Festival, Marbella

Jamie Cullum at the Starlite Festival, Marbella

Now I am a great fan of Jazz and the Blues, and, although Jamie’s show was absolutely brilliant, he still doesn’t quite have enough soul for my liking, there’s no pain in his voice, no heartache, basically he’s just not black enough.

Now I know 99.9% of you will disagree with me, but that’s just how I hear him. As I said the show was truly amazing, and if I am honest my first thought was, what the hell is that boy on?

Mr Cullum raced around the stage like a greyhound with mustard on his arse, never keeping still for a second, this part of his show I enjoyed immensely, lets just hope it’s how he is and not the marching powder.

The previous evening we had been lulled to sleep by Bryan Adams on his battered six string, and yet with a smaller crowd, Jamie’s fans made three times the noise, and I would guess had three times the fun. Bryan Adams was out done and out shone by the youngster from Rochford, who, if he spends some time in the deep south may even get better.

Author: Johnny Gates

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