Jasmin Walia Does The Ice Bucket Challenge (but where’s the money going)

Jasmin Walia from the infamous TV show TOWIE, clenched her teeth and took the Ice Bucket Challenge in Marbella last weekend.

Jasmin Walia takes the  Ice Bucket Challenge in Marbella

Boyfriend Ross Worswick and fellow Towie member Lewis Bloor did their duty and poured over 100 litres of ice cold water over the reality star at Plaza Beach in Marbella.

 Jasmin is now part of a huge list of celebs who have taken the challenge all in the name of charity. The Ice Bucket Challenge is meant to raise awareness and money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), known in the UK as MND or Lou Gehrig’s disease as it is widely known in the USA.

So with over 100 million bucks donated so far, where will the money go, will it be spent, as happens with many other charities, on fat cat executive wages, flash cars and expensive lunches?

Last year, The ALS Association national office spent 28% of its operating budget on research—or $7.2 million. Now if my maths is correct, this year they will be spending 30 million(ish) on research, leaving them with 70 million to have lunch with.

And if you dislike my figures click along to and see for yourself.

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