Jeremy Clarkson Confused By McLaren in Marbella

Jeremy Clarkson, filming  the latest Top Gear in Marbella tonight, spent five precious BBC minutes trying to work out how to turn off his bright yellow McLaren MP412c off to the amazement of the large crowd that had gathered to see Captain Slow, El Hampster and Sr Clarkson on the beginning of their journey from Gibraltar to London.

Jeremy Clarkson shows his age as he fights to get out of the McLaren

Jeremy Clarkson shows his age as he fights to get out of the McLaren

I, personally was surprised to see the “God” of what is the biggest motoring show ever produced, making such a hash of such a simple task, I’ve been in this car and it isn’t rocket science, maybe he was just tired after having a drag race across Gibraltar’s runway this morning.

James May, aka Captain Slow, driving the latest Audi R8, with Clarkson in the fantastic McLaren MP412c, used Gibraltar’s airstrip as their own personal Santa Pod Drag strip this morning at the beginning of their Spanish trip, and which one won? well you will have to wait for that when the show comes out.

The Top Gear Team will be filming the show here in Spain over the next few days and will sure be pulling in the crowds if the scenes in Puerto Banus this evening are anything to go by.

Of course the paparazzi were in full force in Banus, and James May came up and asked us to take as many shots as possible of Clarkson as the flashes made his trousers see through, at which point I asked, what colour his underpants were, “that’s your job to know, not mine” said Sr Slow, you just make sure you get the shots, and indeed we did, not that his underpants featured in any of them…

Now not being an avid TV fan I will no doubt happen upon this episode in 10 years time dubbed into Tok Pisin on my next trip to Papua New Guinea, but in the mean time I will just take pleasure in seeing the dunderheads live and direct, and hope they get back without any more incidents (I heard one of them was arrested)

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