Kasser Rassu, Marbella, Presents Paintings By Francisco Alarcon

To my delight, as I wandered into Kasser Rassu this Friday, I discovered the rarity that is an artist who can actually draw and use a paint brush properly, not just have an epileptic fit with a palate knife, a tube of red, a large canvas and have the audacity to call it art, and the barefaced cheek to expect somebody to pay top dollar for it.

Francisco Alcaron at Kasser Rassu, Marbella

Francisco Alcaron at Kasser Rassu, Marbella

Three cheers then for Estepona born Francisco Alcaron who this month is exhibiting at the Kasser Rassu Art Space in Marbella with works of art you can actually hang on your wall because you like them, not because you feel you should, to impress your neighbours as you have just spent a fortune on the latest splat of paint from the new art sensation.

Francisco was born in 1972 in what would have been a sleepy Estepona, far from the large town it has become today.  Obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts at Facultad de Bellas Artes de Sevilla (University of Fine Arts, Sevilla) and specialising in the areas of Painting Restoration and Preservation between 1990 and 1996. He works in the Interior Design assisting with International Conventions in Villepinte, Paris, Milan, Valencia and Madrid.

Starting out with a series of public sculpting and pictorial projects for his hometown, Francisco moved to  Madrid for a year (2001-2002) where he received classes to perfect his drawing techniques at the Chilean painter’s Academy, Guillermo Muñoz Vera, along with workshops specializing in anatomy with sculptor Gonzalo.

He was then invited to participate at an exposition for Latin artists in Connecticut, MA due to his series called “Mujer” (“Woman”). Then an invitation to participate at the International Program for Artists in Residency at the Griffith Art Center showing his project called “Máscaras” (“Masks”) at the Lyman Allyn Museum in New London, MA. Thanks to this project he’s invited in the 2006 to the International Program of Artists in Residency at the I-Park Foundation in Connecticut, MA.

These days he combines his creative work with teaching at his studio. Part of his work includes public sculpting pieces made out of iron like the one called “Cristo Redentor” (“Christ the Redeemer) along with pictorial pieces like the murals “Madre Amorosa” (“Loving Mother”) and “La mirada del niño” (The child’s gaze”), both of great dimensions In 2013 he started making pieces consisting of lamp sculptures for clients for clients like Café del Mar and designs golf trophy sculptures for Hotel NH Almenara in Sotogrande which was organized by “La Revista de Sotogrande in 2013.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not an abstract art hater, but I can spot a charlatan at a thousand paces, so give me realism all day long, at least that way you can see if the artist has any talent at all, which he or she can then take into any art genre he wishes instead of “artists” going straight into abstract…err hello,

Francisco’s work on the other hand I thought was really quite good and could see most pieces hanging in my house, I do like to know what I am looking at. Franciscos exhibition will be running for the rest of the month, so if you are interested in seeing his work contact the gallery at

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