La Zagaleta Causes “Diplomatic” Mayhem at Final Night of Marbella Luxury Weekend

International and Local press were, last night, denied access  to the Salvatore Ferragamo/Zagaleta event at the Marbella Luxury Weekend.

La Zagaleta party behind closed doors

La Zagaleta party behind closed doors

This sparkling party, always one of the best of the weekend went without publicity as La Zagaleta officials, who clearly believe they have found the last bottle of water in the desert, turned away all the press both local and international.

Now forgive me if I am wrong, but surely the whole idea behind the immensely successful Luxury Weekend is to promote Marbella and all it has to offer, something impossible to do if it’s all done behind closed doors. As far as I know La Zagaleta isn’t even in the Marbella area, it’s in Benahavis, so next time you wealthy peeps in the hills want to have a party, have it up there with all your security and you can be as snotty as you like.

enjoying the publicity at last years event

Mauro Grimaldi, European
director of Salvatore
Ferragamo enjoying the
publicity at last years event

Mauro Grimaldi, European director of Salvatore Ferragamo, I’m sure, will be livid with the lack of press at the event and will be counting the cost of La Zagaleta’s snobbery.

Last years event was an enormous success and publicised around the globe and of course brought all the benefits to Marbella that good publicity does. Shame then that the press will only have a negative feeling towards the event, especially those who traveled from abroad to cover it.

Sofie from Marbella Eye and Raquel from Gomez Molina

Sofie from Marbella
Eye with Raquel
from Gomez Molina

A source,very high up in the town hall expressed their disappointment at La Zagaleta, saying that this is a team project for the City of Marbella and they will have to cooperate, La Zagaleta has confused exclusivity with exclusion.

On a much brighter note, those who were part of the Zagaleta exclusion plumped for enjoying themselves at Gomez and Molina, who do know how to throw an event and get the most publicity out of it. Performances by Martina Videla Mav Marketing, a presentation of the new collection of Monna (handcrafted jewels) and fashion shows by Kaprice, Carmen Steffens and Amelia Botero.[nggallery id=40]

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