Lagos Bar Guadalmina Marbella, Where Nobody Gives a Shit About Your Jimmy Choos

If like me, you are sick to death of paying a tenner for your daily dose of Vitamin H (Heineken of course) and still wearing an eyepatch from the last Eastern Block nipple that caught you unawares as you got up from your bar stool, then Lagos in Guadalmina is the place for you.

Lagos Guadalmina Marbella

Lagos Guadalmina Marbella

Just like bars used to be back in the eighties, Lagos is unpretentious and fun. No point wobbling in here on your 5 grand Jimmy Choos and flashing your new Cartier watch, chances are the peeps in here won’t give a hoot, they are here to delight in the stylish cocktails and merry banter, at prices that won’t have you running for your nearest loan shark.

Highly recommended, especially if Mothers Ruin (Gin) is your tipple, I ran out of fingers counting the different brands stocked in this land locked Gin Palace. I strongly suggest that before you dive headlong into a vat of Singapore Sling, you start next door at La Rosa and get some fine Argentinian Beef down your neck to soften the blow.

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