Lagos Drinks and Bites or Pambolis and Muga, Only in Guadalmina, Marbella

Drinking Vodka Martinis shaken or stirred on an empty stomach is never a good idea even though I never saw James Bond tuck into any thing other than a fit bird before imbibing on his favorite tipple…I said tipple people…

Lagos Drinks and Bites, Guadalmina, Marbella

Now, as I am as far from being a secret agent as Pamela Anderson is a supermarket checkout girl, I do like to eat before cracking the top on a bottle of Belvedere, so with that in mind I headed down to Lagos in Guadalmina, where I know the cocktails and nibbles are of the highest quality.

In tow with my new wife Sofie, I also had two clients over from Florida who had spent all day out in the “campo” looking for horses to take back to America and were both thirsty and starving. So what better way to relax after 10 hours of horse hunting all over Malaga than a double brace of Cosmopolitans, and the all important stomach liner, Pambolis.

Pambolis are basically open sandwiches, and in this case, Majorcan style country bread which has been rubbed with vine tomatoes, trenc salt, virgin olive oil and fonoli mari (rock samphire) and then you choose your delicious toppings. The best cured Spanish ham, Mahon Island cheese, Santoña’s anchovies or smoked salmon are all choices for the cold pambolis or if you wish hot with goats cheese, bacon and caramelised onion, Majorcan cured sausage, chicken breast or pork loin with with cheese.

Happy days indeed then especially when I spotted they had Muga on the wine list…more pambolis please, this was going to be a long night.

Author Johnny Gates

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