Lladro Bring Their Belle de Nuit Collection To Marbella.

Valencia, in my mind, is famous for three things, Paella, the worst Grand Prix ever, and of course Lladro, the world’s finest porcelain.

Lladro at The Poligono Art Gallery, Marbella

 Now Paella bores the pants off me whenever I am given it, mounds of inedible Spanish rice interspersed with dodgy looking mussels, prawns of a dubious age and clams that a good sledge hammer couldn’t open, as for the Grand Prix well we all realised that was shite the first time we saw it, and they say the Monaco one is boring? Now apart from the amazing spectacle of Las Fallas, when the good people of Valencia do their damnedest to burn down the city every March, the only decent thing to come out of Valencia is the wonderful porcelain of Lladro.

Which brings me neatly to the Belle de Nuit exhibition of the latest Ladro works at the Poligono Gallery Projects in Marbella this week.

 Famous worldwide for its figurines, Lladró is currently celebrating its 60th anniversary with its sights set on the future and with a strong focus on its lighting fixtures. The concept for this new collection is based on the classic crystal chandelier, updating it not only in terms of the material used, but also changing the expressive language.

This reinterpretation gives rise to contemporary lamps in different sizes and models which fit in to perfection with all kinds of interior styles, and in which porcelain and color play an important role.
 Like all Lladró creations, the pieces on exhibit at are handcrafted at The City of Porcelain, in Tavernes Blanques (Valencia). There, around one thousand people give life to the creations thatLladró exports to over 120 countries on the five continents.
With sixty years already to its credit, the brand continues making all its pieces following the same entirely artisan process that has won it worldwide fame.

Of course, as is the Marbella way, the guests poured through the ample doors of the gallery eager to toast themselves with a free glass of bubbly and the odd thing on a stick, although thankfully for Lladro I did spot several Russian ogliarch deciding which pieces would look best in their new Marbella mansion. Mne nravitsya, Mne nravitsya, I could hear ringing round the gallery, I like I like…

Sadly my bank account wont stretch to some of the grander pieces on show, but I’m sure they will be very happy gathering some new money dust in La Zagaleta.
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