Lorena Morlote and Francisca Blázquez and That “Art”

Lorena Morlote, Hairdresser to the stars is hosting an exhibition by the Madrid born “Artist” Francisca Blázquez at her three storey salon in Marbella

The official hairdresser to the Goya Awards, Spain’s very own Oscars and hairdresser to Hollywood stars such as Salma Hayek, has, in her Marbella salon allowed Francisca Blázquez to exhibit some of her “Art” in the three floors of hairdressing heaven.

Al fine I expect you are thinking, Art, Beauty, Marbella, Champagne…Well all is fine except for one thing and that is the Art.

I was hoping, having been invited along to see the works, that my job would be a simple one, you know, take a few social shots, rave about the paintings, shmooze a little, then pop home write some nice words and go to bed. Not a bit of it I am afraid.

This all happened last week and it’s taken me this long to work out how I can explain how truly awful I think this “Art” is.

Having studied Art somewhat as a youngster and even living with an ex who frequently exhibited in The Royal Academy in London, I found it mind boggling that Francisca has had over 400 solo and group exhibitions in 17 countries. Apparently she is the creator of dimensional new theory that is based on travel through dimensions to find a better understanding of the spiritual dynamic, energetic, bright, mental and astral. These words, gleaned from the great internet highway just leave me astounded, there is in my opinion, no thought, artistic or otherwise put into these paintings, just swirl after swirl of meaningless colour.

Only when it becomes compulsory to gain a license to purchase canvas, paints and an easel, clearly you will need to take an exam to prove you can be trusted to create real “Art” with these materials, then we can all sleep soundly under our David Hockney quilt covers.

Now this all may seem like the rantings of a mad Welshman, and maybe I have no right to decide what is good and what is bad in the Art world, but trust me when you have been to as many exhibitions in Marbella as I have. only to be confronted by work that wouldn’t even get the “Artist” a GCSE, or ‘O’ Level pass then you may understand why this was the straw that broke the camels back. But should any of you have time do pop in to make up your own mind…

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