Mah Moudi Art Exhibition, Kasser Rassu Marbella

 Regular readers of Marbella Plus will know that I have very little time for so called “artists” in Marbella exhibiting, and trying to sell absolute dross and migraine inducing canvases to the poor folk of Marbella, and as such many have been sent off to burn their brushes and try something different.

Mah Moudi Art Marbella

It was then, a pure joy to visit Kasser Rassu this week on the night of their 4th anniversary and take in the art of Mah Moudi, colourful, simple, clean and fun, bringing light and joy to my favorite gallery, which to be fair has seen it’s fair share of, “I have a paint brush therefore I am an artist” hanging on it’s walls.

Mah Moudi is a self-taught artist. With no formal artistic training, he started to create his first paintings with ink on paper – mostly in black on white. Over the past 3 years, his style evolved to be more expressive and his main medium is now découpées. These are cut paper collages. The characters are individually painted then cut with scissors and finally taped to a separately painted background.

 Mah Moudi uses gouache paint – a medium similar to watercolor but much thicker and heavier as its particles are larger. He creates his colors by mixing three primary colors – blue, red and yellow, along with black and white added as a fourth color. The combination of these primary colors and additive colors creates many different variations. Light and dark tones are created by using more or less water.

His work is an echo of what he observes in everyday life situations, combined with a desire to move towards a lighter and more joyful way of living. Deliberately naïve, the art is influenced by the découpées of Henri Matisse.

“I had an urge to capture the quirks of our daily lives and habits – to express what’s invisible if you don’t stop to observe,” he says.

Mah Moudi’s pieces are also very reasonably priced, from 500€, we even bought one for the Marbella Plus Office, and all proceeds on the night were donated to the Phillipines disaster fund.

Mahmoudi will be exhibiting until January 2014 so you have plenty of time to pop round and bring some joy into your life.

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