Marbella and Another Shipwreck

Marbella and Another Shipwreck


Last night a replica of a 17th century brig known as La Grace which belonged to the first Czech naval captain, Augustine Heřman, made a less than glamorous entrance into the Marbella seafaring scene.

La Grace Marbella shipwreck

Dragging it’s anchor in what the Captain Dvorský may have called high seas…clearly this Captain hadn’t sailed the Irish sea if he did, and ended up listing to port stranded on the beach by the Marbella fishing port. When pushed further by our marine correspondent El Capitan refused to talk anymore of the incident, clearly worried that once the ship owners heard about it he would no doubt be keel hauled in front of his crew.

Now I have seen many shipwrecks in Marbella, Towie’s Maria Fowler, Kerry Katona and Jordan to name but a few, but none looked as lovely as La Grace sexily lounging by the Mediterranean shoreline.

La Grace, the dream of a group of Czech sailing enthusiasts was built in an Egyptian shipyard in less than two years and was designed as a  training ship for young cadets, and also be available for unique holiday opportunities, well this is one holiday the crew of La Grace won’t wish to remember.

The original La Grace was bought by Augustine Heřman who emigrated from Bohemia to the Netherlands and later to America, where he operated as a merchant in New Amsterdam. In the 1640s Heřman spent several years as a privateer in the employ of the Dutch governor. The six-gun La Grace a fairly small vessel just 30 metres in length, attacked Spanish ships and successfully seized their booty, earning fame, best not tell that to the local Spanish fishermen then I guess.


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