Marbella Art Festival Opens, But is This The Begining of The End.

Life without Art is like Gin without the Tonic, a violin without the strings or Christmas without the tree, all rather dull, pointless and uninteresting and in the case of the Gin, quite foul.

 Arte Marbella is here again at the Parque Alameda in marbella

How then would life in Marbella be like without the Marbella Art Festival, now in it’s 5th and possibly final year should funds not be forthcoming from the private sector. Help from the Town Hall has all but dried up and I know we are in crisis here in Marbella as are all the Town Halls in Spain, but surely someone in Orange Square is bright enough to see the touristic benefits of keeping this wonderful event alive.

Anyway enough doom and gloom, we haven’t got to that sad day quite yet, and the Festival is in full swing as I write until Sunday evening (23rd) with over 60 Artists showing their labours and I hope as many of you as possible pop down to support them and the event. I think the following photographs will paint a finer picture than any more words from me, so see you there.

Oh and please read my previous story on how you can help the Marbella Art Festival make it to their 6th Edition

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