Marbella Art’s Golden Age With Jordi Molla

Jordi Molla, the King of Spain in Elizabeth “The Golden Age” opens his latest exhibition in Kasser Rassu in Marbella.

Jordi Molla in Marbella

Carmen Lomana and Jordi Molla

Kasser Rassu, Marbella’s premier art space was packed to the seams with fans of the Hollywood actor, all hoping to get the prize of a photo with the man from Barcelona, who has starred in such films as Riddick, Colombiana, Elizabeth “The Golden Age”, Blow and many more.

But this night wasn’t about acting, well not in the true sense of the word, but about art, and the art in question was that of Jordi Molla, a man who quotes “a day without being creative is a day wasted”

Most of Jordi’s work on show at Kasser Rassu is busier than the Bakerloo line at rush hour, and you could spend a lifetime finding different things in them. Jordi prints well known parts of the masters onto large canvases then completely disguises them with collage, paint, pen and I guess any thing else he can find to mark the canvas. Now you would need a very large white wall at home to show these paintings to get the full impact, any other decoration even close to these works of art and you will loose the full mind blowing imagery, think Bosch’s Dantes Inferno on speed…

Also Jordi seems heavily influenced by 18th Century Japanese art especially that of Katsushika Hokusai, who’s Great Wave features in many of the canvases on diplay.

Sadly, as I know from experience, when the hoards arrive, in Jordi’s case for his fame, or in my case when I exhibited, free bubbly, it’s very difficult for the people to stand back and appreciate the art they have in front of them. Trust me there was no room for standing back and taking in the madness that Jordi puts on his canvas, so to this end I would suggest popping along in the week to check it out, all nice and quiet like…

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