Marbella Eye Photographer Johnny Gates Opening at Kasser Rassu

At Kasser Rassu Gallery opposite the Marbella Club Hotel on the Golden Mile in Marbella, a large Marbella Entourage had gathered to see what Johnny Gates photography really is about.

Johnny Gates art photography has a much deeper twist to it than people might know and it was time for him to show some of his brilliant work.

The exhibition, that still is running (open in the afternoons and for private viewings), is brilliantly put together and a lot of the personality of the photographer shines through in the pictures. Apart from 3 black and white photos, the exhibition is sparkling with colour and I can without doubt say that there isn’t one photo that couldn’t hang on my walls at home. They are all photos that makes you happy, just like the photographer himself!  Technically they photos are of outstanding quality and they are printed on museum grade water colour paper with fine art ink. They all have over 500 years longevity.

Those attending also got a glimpse of “Girl With Bowl”, the one of one masterpiece photograph, which will be going to London later this year.

At the opening night Kasser Rassu catered for over 500 guests thanks to Ali Winehouse who supplied much of the bubbly together with Olivier at Le Cav and Mario Guarnieri, and Tristan Harper for all the songs featuring “Johnny”. Thank you Shahed Kavousi of Kasser Rassu, for hosting this exhibition for Marbella Eye’s own Johnny Gates!

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