Marbella Goes To The Rio Carnaval At Kasser Rassu

Marbella Goes To The Rio Carnaval At Kasser Rassu and boy what a great night it was.


Fred goes Native

Fred goes Native

My faith in the Marbella Art scene has been dealt a healthy blow of colour, composition and fun, yes peeps, I saw something I would actually hang on my wall, and I mean in the house not in the basement or outhouse, all thanks to one Omer Karacan, founder of the Number One Media Group and Private Class Travel Services, and clearly a decent fellow who doesn’t have his head up his arse when it comes to art.

Large abstract acrylic prints of the Rio Carnaval adorned the walls of Kasser Rassu Art Space in Marbella, full of all the colour, movement and rhythm this amazing event is famed for. Once I had taken my fill of Brazilan decadence belting out it’s silent beat from the gallery walls, I, glass of caparinha in hand of course, thanks to Estudio Gastronomico, retired to the outside parking area where Shahed Kavousi, Marbella’s answer to Cork Street, had in her employ, feathered beauties of the Rio type, dancing around the 400 or so guests with great Samba whilst the Capoberia boys banged out the beat with Atabaque, Pandiero and Berimbau.

A truly fantastic night was had by all, and note to dull and talentless artists of the world, this is how you do it, you engage your clients with something they like, not something that would even make Leonard Cohen consider a hot bath and a cut throat razor.

The exhibition will be on until September so there will be no excuse not to pop down and grab your very own piece of Carnaval, a lot cheaper than actually going there, plus you won’t get lost in the Favelas and watch your whole life flash before your very eyes…

Special thanks were given by Shahed to

CNN Türk – Who came especially to Marbella to film Rio Abstract Carnival Event at the Gallery

Number One Media Group


Estudio Gastronomico

Kike Sarasola of Room Mate Hotels

Canal Costa

Johnny Gates of Marbella –

Christian Dummettier our wonderful set designer

Holland Flowers


Eye print

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Roger Amar renowned for his FAMI rejuvenation technique and Ghislaine Devico owners of AMAR CLINIC, Marbella.

Maite and Leon Naftaniel, owners of BANG & OLUFSEN, Marbella.

Blanca de Castro, CEO &Dorothea Adamson, Director of Centro de Fertilisación at Marbella High Care International Hospital.

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kai Kaye owner of OCEAN CLINIC in Marbella.

Baltus Lifestyle, a market leader in the design and manufacture of contemporary, high-end furniture.

Mario Guarnieri, CEO of Guarnieri Concesionarios Marbella.

And, Karine Maeck, Marbella Public Relations who has collaborated  in this Special Event

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