Marbella Halloween

At last Marbella’s party goers understand the difference between Carnival and Halloween.

Marbella Halloween

Over the last 12 years or so I have had the rather pleasant task of visiting many of Marbella’s bars and restaurants to cover All Hallows Eve, that bastion of great American marketing, where I would end up having to sort out the bumble bees and fairies from the real Halloweeners who actually understood what it was all about.

Thankfully this year, last nights revelers seemed to have read my rant on the subject and ditched the batman outfits, saving them for carnival or even maybe something dubious in the bedroom. Starting my tour off in Tanino Restaurant I followed the blood trail to Black and White in Puerto Banus, Mosaik4 and then off to Cafe Competoir in Nueva Andalucia to find Marbella’s own Queen of Darkness Charlotte Fisher, finishing off with the Suite in Puente Romano, and praise the Lord, not a bumble bee in sight.

If there had been a prize for best make up it would have to go to Susie Kiddle (see main photo) from Vive La Reine Boutique who spent the entire night without being recognized, a blessing in Marbella sometimes.

Author Johnny Gates

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