Marbella’s Best 100 Book Launch.

Marbella’s Best 100 Book Launch.


Nick Holland Morgan, clearly lost for words

Nick Holland Morgan, clearly lost for words

The best 100, or allegedly so, Marbella businesses gathered with egos highly polished at the Picadero Restaurant (read Venta) to celebrate the launch of yet another year of the 100 best series of books.

The 100 best is a publication to promote the best 100 people and businesses in Marbella, although on the basis that most of them pay dearly for the honour it should hardly be used as a guide to who or what is truly great in this town.

The high spots of the night, and trust me they were in thin supply, was Fashion by Patricia Nahmed, always well worth a gander, and of course the dulcet tones of Welshman Stephen-Lloyd Morgan who belted out a couple of classics to the “Elite” in attendance.

The food was well below par in my book, I have never been served grilled prawns with a Marie Rose sauce before in my life and hope that was the last time I see a cold sauce hiding my shrimps. I didn’t bother with the main course but apparently it was stone cold, so I got that one right.

Of course most of the press who had turned up to cover the event were completely ignored by the organisers when it came to refreshments and were bundled outside like second class citizens to choke on some stale montaditos.

Maybe one day the 100 Best will involve some charity fund raiser to make the whole thing a little more palatable to attend. Of course there were some excellent people there too but I have to wonder if they will return for 2014.

Doubtless to say I shan’t be invited back next year and all I can think is that next year is already sounding a success.

Of course I wish the 100 Best Publication the best for their future, no doubt their next victims will be moving here soon…


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