Marbella’s Eline Collection Takes The Ordinary Scarf To Haute Couture

Marbella’s Eline Collection Takes The Ordinary Scarf To Haute Couture

The term Haute Couture, from the French ‘high dressmaking.’ is often bandied about without truly knowing its original meaning, so when I make the above statement trust me I know what it means.

Eline has taken the ordinary scarf, something to keep your slender neck, if you are lucky, warm as the Marbella winter draws in, to the highest levels of fashion accessories.

Judging by the more than packed house at McCafe in the world famous Marbella Club Hotel, the finest of  Marbella’s fashion conscious ladies knew this would be an event not to miss. Not only for the amazing fayre always emanating from the Mc kitchen, but for the prospect of seeing something so simple as a scarf taken to new levels, 100% Cashmere with ostrich feathers is never a thing to be sniffed about on any day, rain or shine. It’s amazing how you can take an ordinary dress or suit, on their own maybe rather bland or uninteresting, and change the whole concept by just adding a good old scarf.

In my day, back in darkest West Wales I swear my scarf was made of wire wool and did nothing to keep out the cold apart from keep my mind away from the onset of hypothermia due to the ever growing rash around my sweet little neck, oh for some cashmere, if only I had known what it was then, although I have to say the Ostrich feathers would have been a little too much for Pembrokeshire in the 70′s.

Well these days my neck is not so slim, but I have swapped the wire wool for one of Eline Collections finest (in blue), it matches my motorbike…

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