Monsieur Canard, Marbella, Fat Duck or Lame Duck?

Monsieur Canard, Marbella’s latest eaterie, opens it’s doors with a soft opening and birthday celebrations.

 Monsieur Canard Marbella

The Marbella Golden Mile took on a distinctly French flavour last week when the doors of the old Palm Isle were re opened as Mr Duck or Monsieur Canard as the French would say. The old Palm Isle, generally and sadly unnoticed by the Marbella crowd re emerged from the ashes of Marbella’s restaurant pyre as a speciality Duck restaurant.

Celebrating the birthdays of Remi Tulloue and Philippe Morin, the in-crowd of Marbella dutifully turned up for French Campagne and all things Duck. If you are a fan of duck, as I am, then this must be the place to try, with Duck recipies  from all over the globe being offered for your delight, or not. I have yet to try the food so any review will have to wait, but I like the concept and hopefully it will be a success.  Monsieur Canard is of course a franchise of the famous chain in France so hopefully they know what they are doing.

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