Naomi Campbell Gets Lippy at Del Mar, Marbella.

Accompanied by several gorillas and a large tube of lip gloss, the 43 year old Streatham supermodel was spotted having a little lunch at the newly refurbished Del Mar at the Hotel Puente Romano.

Photos courtesy of Solarpix

Photos courtesy of Solarpix

Naomi, fresh from her triumphant return to the catwalk at the Versace Paris Fashion Week show on Sunday evening, spent the afternoon at the excellent Del Mar, emerging with lippy in hand and disappeared quickly into the hotel gardens, away from the press boys dug in to the beach like a scene from the Longest Day.

Why she thought she needed so much security is anyone’s guess as most self respecting paparazzi have learned to stay as far away from Naomi as possible, as it is well known she can split a matchstick at 100 paces with her mobile phone.

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