Natasha Romanov Birthday Party in Marbella

In Marbella… Brilliant absolutely Brilliant and so much fun! I have to give it to you Natasha… The bride and groom theme for your birthday bash was just the funniest thing ever!

As I was driving up to Natasha’s house there was a convoy of cars in front of me and as they parked, bride after bride stepped out of the cars, and started tippy toeing down the rainy entrance road to her amazing villa. It was hilarious, and so clever!

In the foyer we were greeted by an ever so stunning Natasha and a ginormous wedding cake and in the background the wedding march was played and people were actually getting wed in her living room in the light of a lazer show. Not for real though, but still! For any bride to be it was the opportune moment to practice, and for any bride already in wedlock it was the opportunity to wear the wedding dress once more, if they could fit in it, that is. And boy did people go for it. I saw everything from the greatest cake style dresses to more stylish classic numbers! There was a wedding buffet and of course there was the cake, brazilian dancers and a wedding singer (Paul Maxwell, “The Piano Man”). Even the birthday girl found time to belt out a few of her favorite numbers. We stayed to very late and upon leaving, the Cardinal Wolsley himself, who had had more than a sniff of communion wine, so much so that he fell head long into Natasha’s wall and ended up in the water filled gutter. By which time our roving snapper Johnny, who had also partaken of a few to many sherberts was not in charge of his camera at the time to record the momentous occasion when one of the Vatican’s highest order came to grief. (Marbella Eye will be reporting to the Pontiff shortly.)

Thank you Natasha for a great party! I bet a few people will copy the idea!

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