New Website Launched Promising to Match Your Palate to Wine

A new website has launched which promises to deliver wines that are “suited to each individual’s palate”.

BradsWine has been set up by Brad Mitton, a sommelier with more than 20 years experience in the food and beverage industry. The website has 12 taste questions that have been established to help Mitton develop an understanding of wine tastes and he then tailors wine choices to the individual subscriber.

After completing the questionnaire subscribers will receive three bottles of wine, which they can then rate and comment on via the website.

Mitton said: “It’s meant to be fun, to let people participate in choosing wines rather than spending hours at a supermarket shelf.

“All the wines are hand-selected and we deliver to over 20 EU countries. We will be dealing with wines from all over the world, mainly Sicily, France, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and other regions to start with developing the portfolio as we build our client base.”

He added: “Great wine is all about the moment and the relationship with your palate. Choosing the right wine to suit the flavours of the food you’re consuming or the mood that you’re in is vital to the experience. My aim is to marry your palate with the perfect partner from our wine cellar.”

The website is now up and running and Mitton “guarantees” that any wines received will fit the subscriber’s palate.

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